Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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Part of the reason it has been so hard to change the laws with regard to prostitution is the stigma associated with paid sex.  It takes a lot of courage for a man or woman who is in the field of sex work to come out publicly and speak on this matter.  Instead of shutting these people out, and trying to shame them, brand, label them in our society, we need to give them a voice.  They should be allowed to talk openly about prostitution without fear of family or friends or society judging them.  It is time to stop treating sex workers and their patrons this way.  If you want real unbiased research on sex work then everyone should be included, and the cherry picking of worst case scenarios should not be allowed to propagate biased agendas against the legalizing of prostitution.  Our culture of fear against anything sexual and of consenting adults engaging in a consentual transaction of sex for money has to end.   This can be a legalized trade that can be taxed, and regulated. 

Thank you for visiting my blog site.  I am a retired escort and have much to say about the anti-prostitution laws in the US.  Not everyone will agree with me or with those whose blogs or articles I will reference here, but my hope is that some of you will read the information, links and pages in my blog and become a little more informed and more scrutinizing of "media" stereotypes concerning "sex work".  Yes, I will be using the terms prostitution and sex work interchangeably but take note that sex work can mean anything from "exotic dancing", to "phone sex operators", or porn star's acting in porn movies, to escorts and so on. 

Maggie McNeil's interview on Reason.TV 

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